Munnir Khiar

Jan 2013 – Present

MMK, San Francisco, California

Freelance Operation

  • -Freelance visual effect artist and production assistant.
  • - Some services offered are cinematography, editing, studio lighting, motion graphics, compositing, roto/pain and color correction.

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      April 2017 – Sept 2017
      Eyewax Films, Los Angeles

      Assistant Editor/Motion Graphics Artist

      - Organizing, sorting and logging through hundreds of hours of footage per show.

      - Introduced and implemented a more efficient visual effects pipeline saving time and energy.

      - Prepared motion graphic templates to be used at free will at future times.

      - Prepared video compositions to be picked up by editors and completed.

  • October 2016 - January 2017

John Mcneil Studio, Berkeley, California

Compositing Intern

  • -Adapt to new fast paced pipeline not based in film.
  • -Roto/paint Cleanup.
  • -Motion Graphics.
    -Photo Retouch.
    -Research and Development.
    -Project Organization.


April 2011 - October 2016

Vizual Jockey, San Francisco, California

Cinematographer/Editor/Motion Graphics

  • -Working on multiple video projects, starting with entry work such as organizing footage to full projects under my control.
  • -Attained various amount of equipment from camera to lenses which helped increase my technical knowledge helping achieve more professional results in my work.
  • -Introduced to proper communication methods with event property owners, promoters, guests as well as the artists in the electronic music industry.


  • Sept 2014 – August 2015

Studio X, San Francisco, California

Junior Lead Compositor for "Mad God"

Lead Compositor/Lighting TD for "Curpigeon"

CG Generalist/Compositor for “The Architect"

Lighter/Compositor for "Knob"
Lighter for SF Giant's "Foodie Cats"

  • -Created different moods using cg lighting or collecting elements to be composited together seamlessly
  • -Overtook and oversaw the lighting of a CG assets to be rendered out for multiple compositors
  • -Made sure compositors received what additional assets or passes they requested in a timely fashion
  • -Learned how to composite from a lighter’s point of view. Proper file naming and management conventions were a necessity to have composite work without any disruptions.
  • -Assisting other leads and artists on tasks that prove to be challenging.
  • -Consistently troubleshooting problems that sometimes requiring going back in the production in order to solve. (back to animation etc.)
  • -Collected individual frames from all compositors for a contact sheet to compare color.
  • - Received scenes to be compiled together, lit and finally rendered.
    - Collaborated with animators and riggers to fix a wide variety of challenges.
  • - Collaborated with other lighters to ensure color continuity through out all the shots.
  • -Submitted updates on every shot weekly for critique.

2015 Graduate of Academy of Art University
BFA in Animation and Visual effects with a concentration in Lighting and Compositing